Mohamadreza Mahmoodvand

Web Application, Software, Artificial Intelligence , Bioinformatics

Developer, Researcher, Learner

About Me

I hold a master of science degree in Computer Engineering – Artificial Intelligence and a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering. I am highly motivated and enthusiastic about learning and doing research and working on related fields on Computer science. I participated in many workshops, trainings, and meetings. I like to keep my knowledge up-to-date and my interest is mainly Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and also Software Engineering. I am a Problem Solver Expert with more than 6 years Strong engineering professional experience and have a great involvement of working at Enterprise and highly dynamic environment.


My Publications

M. Mahmoodvand, M. Hourali, Semi supervised approach for persian word sense disambiguation, 7th IEEE Computer and knowledge engineering (ICCKE 2017) international conference, October 2017, IEEEXplore - Direct Download

M. Mahmoodvand, M. Hourali, Persian Word Sense Disambiguation corpus extraction based on web crawler method, Advances in Computer Science: an International Journal, Volume 4 Issue 5 , sept. 2015, Journal - Direct Download

M. Mahmoodvand, M. Hourali, Introduction a framework for Persian word sense disambiguation based on semi-supervised method, 9th Iran Data Mining Conference 2015 ( In Persian) - Direct Download

M. Mahmoodvand, M. Hosseini, Survey on feature extraction methods in object detection applications, 8th Sastech International Conference 2013 ( In Persian) - Direct Download

M. Mahmoodvand, Using and fusion of local features according to face recognition approaches, Roodsar University IT Conference 2013 ( In Persian) - Direct Download

My Awards and Honors

Best Website of the year Award, Iran Web and Mobile Festival,,2016 Iran Web and Mobile Festival Reference

Best Thesis of the year candidate, Malek Ashtar University of Technology, ICT Department, 2015

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Software Engineering

Business Process Management Systems

Cyber Security

Big Data

Knowledge Representation

Data Mining



Information Retrieval

Smart Cities

My Skills

Experienced Web Application Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in, C# Programming, Java Programming, BPMN, System Analysis, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, SQL Server Administration, Liferay Administration, Linux Administration and So on Mobile Applications, Web Design, and Front-end Programming.

My Services

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Web Redesign

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Web Apllictation

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DCS Control System Development

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Idea Development

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Android Application

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Intelligent Application Design

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IT Problem Solving

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Training & Consulting


Best website of the year - Cinema and Television contest 2016
Candidate for Best website of the year - Cinema and Television contest 2015

Telecinema Social and Information Network has been created to cover and establish a two-way communication between cinema and television audiences and activists in the field.

  • Gathering hottest information about Iranian and world cinema and TV programs
  • Dedicating personal pages to artists for effective communication with fans
  • Follow the information and news of each artist and the work and future work of each individual separately pages
  • Dedicated to television networks and their programs and broadcasting plan
  • Full picture and video gallery of Iranian and world cinema movies
  • Updated news and presentation pages related to news specific items


DCS Data Acquisition Suite

DCS DAS suite provides a comprehensive solution for addressing the problems and improving the performance of Provox. The package consists of various modules that can be employed based on requirements of each operation unit. The first module deals with event management in the process unit. The second module monitors and examines values of existing tags in the unit with no space or time limitation. The third module functions as a data historian to archive tag values to eliminate time limitations in recording data. The package, with a standard user interface in English and Persian, is provided in web-based and OS-independent format with particular settings.

Isfahan Oil Refinery
Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex
Khangiran Gas Refinery
Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries

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Mohamadreza Mahmoodvand